Silent Disco Hire

Hire silent disco headphones for weddings, parties, schools, or at home.

Great fun guaranteed!

2 or 3 channel LED headsets with charging cables and smartphone adaptors.

Silent Disco Headphones Rental

Everything you need for a silent disco party! We deliver to your door – anywhere in the UK.

Our headphones are the best on the market and arrive fully charged (with up to 10-hours of battery life). Choose from 2 or 3 channels for your guests to switch between.

We include smartphone adaptors and headset charging cables as standard.

Simply connect a phone, laptop, or tablet to play music – it couldn’t be easier!

Hire Silent Disco Equipment UK

Customers love the Post Office return service we offer, particularly for events at a rented location. We can deliver to a home address before you leave, and you can return to any Post Office at your convenience.

The kit arrives in transport containers and will fit in a small car.

Want to set an atmosphere? Why not add our party lights, smoke/fog machine, or bubble machine? We also have party supplies you can buy for those finishing touches.

For off-grid events, we can provide battery-powered transmitters. These even have a headset microphone option.

rent headphones for silent party
silent disco hire for weddings

How It Works

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Why Choose Party Equipment Hire?

Our mission is to facilitate good times. Hosting an event is no easy task, so we’re here to streamline the process!

Some of the reasons to choose us:

Easy-to-use packages with setup instructions

Industry-leading, modern equipment

Order and pay online – credit cards accepted

Amend or cancel anytime (up to 7 days before delivery)

Outstanding customer service

Flexible delivery and return options

Thousands of happy customers

Over 100 five-star reviews

Established and dependable company

No security deposit required

Buy party supplies that arrive with your hire package

Excellent value for money

Silent Disco Hire Reviews

Silent Disco Hire Cost

How much is silent disco hire? Follow the link for prices:


Do you provide silent disco hire near me?

Yes – we ship to towns and cities all across the UK. Locations include Cardiff, Nottingham, Brighton, Manchester, Cornwall, Norwich, Plymouth, Birmingham, Essex, Liverpool, Newcastle, London, and Swansea.

How do silent disco headphones work?

Your music devices plug into the transmitters (one device for each transmitter), and the transmitters send the sound out to all the headphones. Each set of headphones has a switch to select the transmitter channel it receives.

What do I need for a silent disco?

All you need is a device to play music from (eg. a laptop, tablet, or phone). Most people play from streaming services like Spotify.

What if I don’t have my own playlists?

We recommend using Spotify as they have lots of brilliant readymade party playlists. Just search a genre or decade and hit play! Here’s a good place to start:!

Can we use our own headphones?

No – specialised silent disco headphones are required. The sound is broadcast over UHF radio waves (ie. not with Bluetooth like AirPods and other short-range wireless headphones).

Do you need a DJ for a silent disco?

No! Some customers like to use a DJ for large events, but it’s not essential.

Is Wi-Fi required?


Do I need a licence?

No – our silent disco equipment operates within UK licence-free frequencies.

Why have a silent disco?

If you’re wondering “what’s the point”, it’s simple: they’re great fun!

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