projector and screen hire

Projector Hire

Projector and screen hire for events, parties, weddings, funerals, or at home.

Simple, convenient packages with speaker options for sound.

We deliver to your door – anywhere in the UK!

HD Projector and Screen Hire

We offer a convenient projector hire solution for events. Everything you need is delivered to your door – anywhere in the UK!

Choose from 60″, 90”, or 120″ screens with speaker options for sound.

Featuring a particularly bright and powerful 5000-lumen projector, you can expect excellent image quality.

Setup of all packages is easy with our step-by-step instructions. The equipment is lightweight, compact, and will fit in a small car.

Share Messages, Memories, and Moments With Others

Simply connect a HDMI or USB-C device (eg. a laptop, TV stick, or games console) to display media on the projector screen.

Alternatively, add our Amazon Fire TV Stick or link from a set-top box with our Fibre Optic HDMI Cable (handy if you don’t have a laptop to spare).

Mobile devices can be used for picture slideshows or presentations. Just check the connection and add our Apple Lightning adaptor if required.

projector hire for events

Outdoor Projector Hire

Need projector hire for a garden party?

Check out our Outdoor Cinema Hire packages with a giant inflatable screen!

How It Works

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Why Choose Party Equipment Hire?

Our mission is to facilitate good times. Hosting an event is no easy task, so we’re here to streamline the process!

Some of the reasons to choose us:

Easy-to-use packages with setup instructions

Industry-leading, modern equipment

Order and pay online – credit cards accepted

Amend or cancel anytime (up to 7 days before delivery)

Outstanding customer service

Flexible delivery and return options

Thousands of happy customers

Over 100 five-star reviews

Established and dependable company

No security deposit required

Buy party supplies that arrive with your hire package

Excellent value for money


How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Projector?

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Projector Hire FAQs

Do you provide projector hire near me?

Yes – we rent projectors and screens all across the UK. Locations we cover include: Leeds, Surrey, Essex, Bristol, and Birmingham.

Does it have to be dark?

Ideally, yes, but at 5000 lumens, our projectors are bright enough to be used in the daytime. Just bear in mind that ambient light will affect the perceived brightness of the projected image.

Can the screens be used outdoors?

In the right circumstances (ie. in a gazebo/marquee/bell tent etc., shielded from wind, rain, and sun), yes. For truly outdoor screenings, though, choose an outdoor cinema hire package.

Which is better: a projector or TV?

It depends on the application. TVs occupy less space and are less susceptible to ambient light, but projection screens are usually much bigger and don’t require professional installation.

Can I hire a projector without a screen?

Yes! Our ‘Without a Screen’ package is the one for you.

Projector screen vs wall?

A flat white wall is an acceptable projection surface, but a screen will give you more flexibility and a superior image.

Do I need a licence?

For a private party, no. For public events, check here:

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